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Types of Doors We Work With

Toronto Door and Frame Repair you can count on for all door and frame repair solutions, with no need to worry about having a door that we cannot work on. Our team of dedicated door and frame repair experts go through extensive training on how to work with every type of door and arrive onsite with vehicles fully equipped including the required tools and materials to help you out with any job. Perhaps you may have a large glass door, a heavy steel door, a wooden door, even an automatic door, there isn’t a door we cannot find a solution to.  Toronto Door and Frame Repair is the leading company in the city and greater Toronto area, we specialize in all types of doors so there isn’t a job too big or small, you never need to think twice before giving us a call because you know that we will always deliver the utmost quality and professional door services in Toronto.

Commercial Alluminum Doors with Push Bars


There are many great benefits to having aluminum door in both your home and workplace, they provide structural stability and have a long useful life which allows them to be maintenance free. Aluminum doors are not only sturdy but are well insulated and corrosion-resistant which allows them to be resilient to all the fluctuating Canadian weather we get here. It is a great option if you want to ensure your home security as they provide excellent anti-burglary protection. If you happen to already have an aluminum door at your house or your business that needs repairing or desire to replace yours for a brand new one, then Toronto Door and Frame Repair is the place to call. When you book an appointment with our door and frame repair technicians, we only promise you the best of the best and we will make sure your aluminum doors are smoothly functioning.


Steel and metal doors are the ones that are most often found in commercial buildings because they are very heavy and secure making it more difficult for break ins, as well as the capacity to withstand all kinds of conditions with its various levels of fire-resistance. Steel doors are very durable, lasting you through numerous weather conditions as steel/metal doors are not vulnerable to cracking or rust, making them most ideal and widely used by commercial properties. Toronto Door and Frame Repair is never intimidated by projects of a heavier door, and our team of qualified technicians arrive fully equipped with all the tools and materials required for any job, big or small. For years we have worked with all types of steel and metal doors and can resolve any issue you are having with yours. Whether you have it in your business or you happen to have one in your home-you can always count on us, please give us a call if you have any questions or issues with your steel and metal doors.


Whether single, double or pivot type wooden doors create the perfect way to dress up your entryway. These type doors are timeless by adapting to any ambience by fusing or contrasting depending on our preference. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they also provide high security for your home. With today’s technology they are cured with fire retardant chemical technology which extends their life with their ability to resist almost all kinds of conditions and are very easy to maintain. One of the best advantages of having a wooden door is of how insulated it is, which will always helps keep energy bills down throughout the seasons- It will always retain temperatures in your home and in rooms. If you need any kind of wooden door repair or replacement, please do not hesitate, and call Toronto Door and Frame Repair.


Sliding doors are the best door to have as the entrance to your balcony, backyard, and patio. They are a very stylish contemporary home design look that also provides easy access to the outdoors with an on-demand air ventilation boost by dramatically improving your house’s airflow. The large surface area of the glass can bring so much natural light into your home which will ultimately provide incredible health benefits to you and your loved ones with increased sunlight exposure. They are also made with burglar resistant components, such as, security on tracks with aluminum seals and gaskets keeping the door tightly shut, but also sufficient insulation and filters to prevent harmful exposure of UV rays. Your sliding patio door is important so never hesitate to call Toronto Door and Frame Repair if you need to repair or replace your sliding doors and our team is happy to assist you anytime of the day.


Automatic doors are usually seen in larger commercial properties with high traffic areas such as entrances to hospitals, malls, grocery stores, business centres, etc. They are extremely convenient and sanitary as they have a sensor that detects when someone is about to enter or exit having it automatically open for you and close behind. This sensor activated technology is highly energy saving and will reduce annual heating and cooling costs. Sometimes you may start having problems with your automatic door and it might stop opening smoothly or randomly get stuck- Whatever the issue is, our technicians at Toronto Door and Frame Repair are experienced and trained to repair or replace your automatic doors so that they always working smoothly.

Glass Doors

Glass doors are a very aesthetic option for businesses to have as they give an attractive and inviting look for any business. A glass storefront allows the opportunity for the perfect medium in displaying placards, marketing slicks, or even digital signage. There are various options for you to choose from and whatever option you decide, they will all be very durable, easy to and maintain, and very secure. If you want to install a brand-new glass door in your commercial or residential property or repair one that you already have, the best place for you to call would be Toronto Door and Frame Repair. We will always be your local number one door repair and replacement company in Toronto and greater Toronto area with all types of doors and frame repair solutions.