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Reliable Residential Door Repair and Installation


Toronto has many wonderful neighborhoods filled with lots of houses, condos, and apartment buildings, and one thing all these residential buildings have in common is that they all have and need doors. The door is an integral part of the home and what ensures your security for loved ones and personal or confidential valuables. Our repair professionals can repair any type of door including, front door frames, sliding doors, screen doors, or even patio doors. Our experts will assess the damage with repairs and will ensure your door is preserved from weather damage for years to come. Here at Toronto Door and Frame Repair, we offer services for your residential doors such as repairs or installation and more! Whether you have an exterior or interior door that is damaged or possibly requiring some maintenance up-keep, but also if you want to install a brand-new door, Toronto Door and Frame Repair has got you covered. We are Toronto’s leading residential door repair and installation company and always leave our clients happy with the work we provide but also becoming their go-to place to call in the future. Keep your home safe and secure with Toronto Door and Frame Repair and never worry about your damaged doors again.

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There are many reasons as to why you would need a residential door installation, whether you are getting renovations in your home, refurbishing to upgrade the look of your home and may require replacing the doors. Whatever reason it is you have for needing door installation in your home, Toronto Door and Frame Repair is the place to call. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced door installation technicians that can install whichever door you choose in your home without any problems. We take pride in the work we do, and we will only provide you with the utmost exceptional door installation services in your home. With our quality products and expert installation, you can be sure your home can withstand the weather, sounds, and heavy traffic for years to come. Leaving your home not only safe and secure but also looking brand new to match with your home aesthetic. Our company values your time and when dispatching door installation technicians to carry out services in your home, we know that you do not want a company that will waste your time and money, and at Toronto Door and Frame Repair we can ensure you that our experts always arrive with fully equipped mobiles to ensure a timely service. By the time we leave, you will get your money’s worth and will be in love with your brand new door!

Residential Door Replacement
Residential Door Replacement, 2023


Your residential door not only a sign of security and safety, but also impacts your overall curb appeal, with this in mind, you can always rely on Toronto Door and Frame Repair to further assist you with any door needs. Doors can develop damages by a lot of things over time and sometimes living with children or having many people in and out of the house can progressively cause wear down. Our proudly Canadian company, Toronto door and frame repair is here to assist you with all door solutions. The moment you notice your door is loose on the hinges, it is starting to get stuck by debris build-up each time you try to open or close it, or maybe it was not properly installed, and it scratches the frame each time you swing it open or close. Whatever the case may be, Toronto Door and Frame Repair has the best door repair and replacement experts in the city providing your home with top quality repairs. Know that you can give us a call anytime you notice you may require door repair services or small maintenance work so that you can avoid progressive damages, and we will be happy to work with you for any projects big or small.


There is nothing more unsettling as an unwarranted intruder breaking into your home and consequently resulting in damages or vandalism, you will want to have our phone number handy in case you might encounter any door emergency. If your front door breaks and you require an urgent repair or a brand-new installation, rest assured our team of viable door repair and installation experts work after work hours to support any emergency assistance. Our door frame repair and replacement technicians arrive with fully equipped vehicles and can make certain the job will be completed in a reasonable time frame as we can understand in situations like this, time is of the essence, and we value your time with us. We understand how stressful it is to have uncertainty in case of emergency where your main door is no longer functioning, and we can assure you that we have all the tools and materials necessary to execute immediate solutions so that the job is completed on-site. Be sure you can call rely on us and call Toronto Door and Frame Repair during any time of the day and we will have one of our emergency door and frame repair technicians dispatched to your location in no time. Feel safe in your home at all times with Toronto Door and Frame Repair.