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Reliable Door Repair and Replacement Services For You

Commercial Emergency Double Door


Toronto Door and Frame Repair provides our clients all types of repair and replacement services on both your commercial and residential property. There are so many different components to your door that make it function smoothly and our local Toronto Door and Frame Repair experts use the best quality material and tool with pursuit in providing efficient service. Our team has several years of experience working with home and business owners across Toronto and greater Toronto area, whatever service you need, our door and frame repair technicians are happy to work with you, providing various types of door repair and replacement services and always leave you 100% satisfaction. Our company proudly stands behind our quality products and reliable service and is our mission to providing customers with a pleasant and unforgettable experience, please do not hesitate and call Toronto Door and Frame repair for any issues you might be having with your door or frame.


A continuous hinge is another type of hinge that withstands the stress of larger and heavier doors. Instead of just having two or three small hinges on the side of your door, you would have one large hinge that is the length of your door, this reduces the stress to your doorframe when compared to a standard or pivot hinge. This adds so much more support to your door and makes it last much longer as the weight is now being distributed evenly on the hinge. You can call Toronto Door and Frame Repair if you are looking to reduce the stress on your door hinges and replace them with a continues hinge or if you just simply need to get your continuous hinge maintenance as a preventative of any damages. Give us a call and we can repair, replace, and install brand new continuous hinges on your residential and commercial doors.


The hinges on your doors are a very essential component of your door being able to function. They are there to hold the door in place as well as allow the door to swing smoothly when you open and close, without door hinges a door would simply not be able to function. Therefore, you always need to think about the door hinges when thinking about your doors. When you install a new door, you always must install the hinges first because without them the door will have nothing holding it up and it will not be able to function. Here at Toronto Door and Frame Repair we repair and install your hinges. You could be having trouble with the ones you have or the ones that have completely broken and may require replacement. Not to worry because our door repair and replacement technicians are able resolve any hinge issue you may be experiencing, and we will be happy to support you with just one phone call away.


Door closers are great to have on bigger doors and ones that usually are in the high traffic area and are constantly being used, commonly utilized on commercial or residential buildings. The door closer are there to prevent slamming and smoothly swing the door when closing or after somebody has opened it. The mechanism is mounted to the door and frame with fasteners- there is an arm that connects to the body of the door closer on one end, and the other end connects to either the door or the frame. This method is most beneficial for commercial property to control the range of swing and motion, with this you can reduce airflow and save on energy bills but also used as fire rated doors to help prevent the spread of fire and smoke. Automatic door closers are a little more costly but will allow for sensor or push-of-button control to access an automatic swing- these are beneficial for sanitary reasons but also for anyone that may be handicapped and requires assistance with opening a door. Door closers are very popular on commercial doors as they usually have the most traffic, and so If you are looking to get a door closer installed or the one you have needs a repair, all you need to do is call Toronto Door and Frame Repair.


Weather stripping your door is another way of sealing off gaps, but it is installed all around your door and not just the bottom. You can never be too cautious about sealing your door and you want to always be sure that it is done correctly so that you can prevent debris such as wind, dirt, bugs, etc. from coming into your home. Door weather stripping is the way to do that. Calling Toronto Door and Frame Repair, you can have us repair or replace your weather strip perfectly and in no time. Weather stripping lasts about 5 years on your door if correctly done, and our dedicated team of door and frame repair and replacement experts will provide a professional and experienced weather-stripping installation to ensure the seal can withstand any weather for years to come. Just give us a call at Toronto Door and Frame Repair our team of reliable door repair and replacement technicians are happy to work with you.


Installing a door sweep on top of have a door threshold is the best combination for effectiveness to seal off any space from the bottom of your door, ensuring no blowing snow, rain, dirt, or even pests can get through. It is attached to the bottom of your door but also goes all the way to the floor making sure when the door is closed, the door sweep is fully sealing any existing gaps between the door and the floor, having every single gap sealed can act as a draft stopper by also saving you money in the long run on your cooling and heating systems. Save your money and seal off your door with a sweep and seal by calling Toronto Door and Frame Repair to further assist you with any or your door needs.


Every door in your home has a door threshold. It is that piece of metal or wood put at the bottom of your doorway. A door threshold is there to seal off all the gaps between the bottom of the door and the ground. It is very important to seal those gaps because they prevent cold and hot drafts and disturbing the temperature in your home resulting in costly energy bills to maintain the fluctuating temperature. Another great reason for your door threshold is to prevent debris, insects, and dirt from crawling into your home from the bottom of your door as well as keep your door more secure and as a result your home is safer. Give us a call at Toronto Door and Frame repair regarding your door threshold, our door repair and replacement technicians can be there in no time to replace your old one or repair your broken one.


Pivot hinges are different from your regular door hinges because they attach to the top and bottom of your door rather than just one side and this allows the door to swing in both directions. Pivot hinges are great to use on much larger and heavier doors because the hinges are more supportive to the heavier doors by allowing your door to not require a door frame. They are great for more aesthetically grand entrance ways as a statement piece to the home or business, but also a commercial property with high traffic as its great benefit is decreased stress on the door frame which is not required on a pivot type door and generally can avoid the maintenance of a problematic sagging door frame. They also take up less space when opening the door, it rotates on a vertical axis leaving only half of the door to swing the direction you want, and the other end of the door will pivot the opposite direction. Here at Toronto Door and Frame Repair, we have skilled door repair and replacement technicians who have worked with all types of doors on pivot hinges, and we can help you out by repairing or replacing any of your pivot hinges needs.