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Reliable Access Control and Electric Strike Systems


Many commercial properties have access control systems with an electric strike installed on their doors because it brings a lot of convenience and safety into the workplace. With an electric strike door your employees can access the building by using a card or a pin instead of a basic key and it also allows you to open the door for visitors by the push of a button through an intercom, from the comfort of your own office. Once you have an electric strike door, its difficult to continue without one and for this reason you will want to call a professional door repair company to repair your electric strike if your starts to malfunction. Here at Toronto Door and Frame Repair, our workforce of experienced and reliable electric strike repair technicians who are extensively trained on how to correctly repair an electric strike door by doing it right the first time. Our team of mobile experts value your time when we arrive, and we are always prepared to carry with us all the equipment and tools requires for service. The moment you notice your strike lock has stopped reading the pins or cards and locking people out then you need to give us a call, so our dedicated door repair and replacement technicians can come and repair any damages in a timely manner.


Security access control lock systems have evolved considerably over the last 30 years, and having your business protected with electric strike will serve the utmost level of security compared to the competing magnetic locks. Most commercial and government buildings use the electric strike locks and is usually the norm for anywhere high security. Often, there may occur a glitch, such as a power outage, and the situation at these times it is vital to be using a strike lock as compared to a magnetic lock during power outages may release the lock with allowing access through the door. On the other hand, electric strike is a fail-secure lock which means it just like the magnet locks requires power to have it function, however, during an outage the door will remain locked. For convenience, if say, an employee misplaces an access card you will not have to change out the entire lock- you would simply just need to remove that card from the system so it will not work anymore. If you like the sound of safety with convenience, then give us a call, Toronto Door and Frame Repair offers electric strike installations on your commercial doors.

Commercial Access Control System on Glass Door and Frame


Having access control system in commercial buildings is normalized, as electric locks are guaranteed the highest level of security with convenience. Often, you have certain rooms that should be closed off and only allow in authorized personnel, and with an electromechanical door locking device, this means that it has additional functionality- only access would be through the chosen authorized release i.e., Fob reader, electric passcode, some may have fingerprint technology, or electric e-card. For these reasons, when your access control system starts to malfunction, you will want to give us a call so that you can have a trusted professional access control service by our dependable team of qualified electric strike specialists. Toronto Door and Frame Repair has the most knowledgeable and experienced technicians on the job who can repair any troubles you are having with your access control system. We will make sure to be there fully equipped for any job but also in a timely matter, while keeping you in the loop of our technician’s eta. We understand the value of an access control system and for that reason we are here to make sure it always functioning properly.

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If you have a commercial property with the goal of having certain rooms and areas only accessible by select personnel, in this case you can trust our Toronto Door and Frame Repair company to assist you with installing an access control system by our reliable door and frame repair specialists. Having an access control system installed will provide a lot of privacy and security to the designated area and only the people authorized to do so, will be able to enter. For even more safety, an access control system also follows emergency health safety protocol and regulation, In the event of an emergency, the means of outlet is set up primarily for the protection of people in buildings by allowing a timely relocation or evacuation likely in one action without a special key or special knowledge. Another safety feature allows admin to have access to a time log of all entry and exit of the door, so that you can go back to see who was in the room during a certain time. Our door repair and replacement experts have provided multiple access control system installations to our loyal customers in Toronto and GTA.  Do not hesitate and give us a call to install your access control system today.


As business owners in the field for many years, we can understand the value and significance an access control system is to your business and that is why we work 7 days a week for any emergency repair or installation services in Toronto or GTA. Having the electric strike door malfunction can be a serious liability for security and safety, and you can rest assured that our dedicated workforce of experienced Toronto door and frame repair technicians are one phone call away to assist you with any job. We have emergency technicians who work, day and night with fully equipped vehicles because we understand time is of the essence in urgent situations, to make sure that when you have an emergency, it gets dealt with in a timely fashion. When you are calling Toronto Door and Frame Repair, you do not need to worry about what day or time it is because you know that we operate around the clock for all emergencies- You won’t need to worry when Toronto Door and Frame Repair is here for you.