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Professional Door Repair For You

Residential Door Repair


If you need assistance with your doors, then look no further! Toronto Door and Frame Repair is the place to call when you are needing repairs in Toronto and GTA. Doors are an integral part of every home or business for aesthetics but more so security- when doors are used every day, multiple times a day, and by many different people, its safe to say it will likely wear down over time. Whether you are moving in somewhere new, or refurbishing an older property, then you will want to call Toronto Door and Frame Repair even if it isn’t a major project and requires some maintenance up-keep. Our dedicated workforce of specialized door repair and replacement technicians are available in Toronto and GTA but also around the clock to assist you with whatever problem your door is having. Trying to repair a problem on your own can be very dangerous and waiting for a contractor can be costly. No need to worry because Toronto Door Repair is the leading door repair company in Toronto and so when you give us a call you will only be receiving guaranteed satisfaction and at an affordable price. Call us and we can assist you with your door repaired without breaking the bank.

Commercial Automatic Door Opener



As a business owner or building manager, we can understand you will require to a have a dependable door repair company on speed dial in case you find yourself in a predicament or emergency, and badly needing a repair on one of your commercial doors. Whether it’s smaller wooden doors or larger and heavy steel doors, Toronto Door and Frame Repair does it all. Having broken doors around your business can be a costly liability but also have the damage progress overtime to a more expensive repair with the possibility of a full door replacement. We provide door and frames repair and replacement services in Toronto and the GTA on all commercial doors and we are just one phone call away from providing you a timely but also professional door repair service. As business owners, we can appreciate the amount of effort it takes to open your business and keep it always safely running. We are here for you to make sure the door portion of your business is always taken care of- its challenging to maintain a secure business without having properly functioning doors, and if you notice any commercial door continuing to get jammed from a debris build up, or perhaps is no longer swinging smoothly, then give Toronto Door and Frame Repair a call and we will be right over to further assist you.




Along with commercial properties, we also provide all types of door repair and replacement services to every single residential property around. Your doors play a large role in your home, not only the statement of your entry way but also the point which keeps your entry protected from unwarranted visitors- Your home is that one place you want to feel completely safe and confident. Of course, the most important thing is to make sure your home free from liabilities and that means having operational sturdy doors and so if you notice you may be having problems with your doors, you will want to call Toronto Door and Frame Repair to have our reliable and qualified door and frame repair experts assist you with any repair or damages. Often doors get overlooked, however, another reason to have a reliabledoor is the desire to have your home looking aesthetically pleasing but will also raise the worth of your property creating a staple attractive look for you home entrance. It is also just as important to have an aligned door frame as having a well sealed door will prevent any drafts that can result in costly energy bills by keeping your house warm in the winters and cool in the summers. If you are looking for experienced and reliable door repair and replacement technicians, then look no further because Toronto Door and Frame Repair is providing service around the clock in Toronto and GTA.


Damages to your doors can happen at any moment in the day or night, and sometimes the damage cannot wait until the next day to repair. In these types of urgent situations, you will require a reliable door repair and replacement company that service 24 hours a day 7 days a week and luckily for you, Toronto Door and Frame Repair is open 24/7 for all door emergency needs. Our dependable team of door repair and replacement experts are mobile with fully equipped work vehicles because we understand how valuable our clients time is to ensure we delivery the most professional and timely service. We can understand and sympathise how stressful these unprecedented times can be where your front door is damaged and no longer serves its security purposes. Therefore, no matter what hour of the day you need your door repaired or replaced, our dedicated team of service representatives and qualified door repair and replacementtechnicians are here for you with only one call away so that you can again feel safe in your home and when leaving your home. Our company goal is 100% satisfaction with service and quality of repairs. No need to panic when in dire need of emergent door repair, just call Toronto Door and Frame Repair!