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Expert Door Frame Repair and Installation



It is important to have your door frame repair completed by a professional because it is the main reason as to why your door is properly functioning and it provides long lasting support for your door. The door frame is also where you attach the door to hinges, and you need hinges if you want your door to swing open and close. Making sure your door is well sealed to the frame is important as it risks a draft that can be costly in both the unpredictable Canadian weather. The moment you notice that your doors is need of a repair or you may require an installation of a brand new one, then be assured to call our team at Toronto Door and Frame Repair. Leaving a repair on your door frame until the last minute can progress to a deeper damage which can be a bit more costly to replace. We are the top-rated door frame repair and installation company in Toronto and GTA and when our highly skilled door frame repair technicians service, you can trust that we guarantee professional repair but also include you in every step of the process. Our main goal is that our customers are 100% satisfied with the work and service we have provided, do not hesitate to call us for any project big or small.

Commercial Aluminum Door Frame Repair


Unfortunately, waiting for a contractor to install your door frame may take too long in the case of emergency; we are a mobile service and provide service all through out the day and night. Toronto Door and Frame Repair provide service to all customers every day, so that you never need to worry when you need assistance, say, in the middle of the night. If your door frame is broken or misaligned, most likely your door is also not functioning very well, if this happens, we can understand the concern of safety overnight because it gives easy access for unwanted visitors. Our emergency door frame repair and replacement technicians work around the clock making sure that when you have a door frame crisis, we will be there for you no matter the day or time it is. When you call us, we have professional excellent service representatives here to answer your call right away to dispatch an emergency door frame repair and replacement technicians who are already on the road, making our whole mobile process efficient for your support. Do not panic and simply call Toronto Door and Frame Repair


If your door frame begins to wear, as a cautionary measure its recommended to have maintenance repaired right away, as a means, the damages do not continue to get worse overtime. This is exactly what Toronto Door and Frame Repair is here for. We have professional and highly experienced door frame repair technicians who are trained in fixing all issues that can occur to your door and frame. Maintenance upkeep on your residential or commercial doors is vital to ensure longevity of the door’s functionality – in its best condition is an important aspect to making sure your doors last long and always function correctly. At times, it is unpredictable what can happen to your door frame, and it is always best to be prepared just in case. Whatever the reasoning may be, you can always call Toronto Door and Frame Repair so that we can dispatch our local door frame repair and replacement technicians to come take a look and repair any of the damages made to your door frames.


Every so often, the damages are just irreparable, on the other hand, your door frame is very old and may require replacement. Whatever situation you are in, you can always rely on our Toronto Door and Frame Repair dedicated team to assist you with any project you may have, big or small. We provide door frame installations in both residential and commercial properties because both your home and workplace should have entirely functioning doors. We understand that you do not want just any contractor, which can also be time costly waiting to provide you with door frame services. You can trust that we will provide the best service for your home or business, and we can promise you that Toronto Door and Frame Repair is a proudly local company with the goal of guaranteeing professional and time effective frame repair and replacement services. We have expert door frame technicians who are qualified and well experienced in the field of installing and repairing door frames and we always include our clients in every step of the way to ensure everything is working smoothly. If you need to get a door frame installed, call our experts at Toronto Door and Frame Repair 647-812-6275.