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Professional Door Break In Repair


Generally, nobody wants to think of the worst when it comes to the safety of their home or business, unfortunately, break ins do happen more often than you might expect, and it is always best to be prepared. Toronto Door and Frame Repair provides emergency door repair and replacement services for when you experience a break in, and you cannot wait another day to have it repaired. We work every day to ensure you always feel safe in your own home. We understand that when you first discover a break in, you go into state of panic with the fear of not being protected but that is not necessary when you have Toronto Door and Frame Repair to assist you during these dire unprecedented times. Ideally, you will need your door repaired or replaced as quickly as possible after a break in. Immediately give us a call and we will have our emergency door repair and replacement technicians reach out to you in no time.


Your home is meant to be the one place you feel safe but sadly break-ins can happen, and they can create a very scary and unsafe experience for you and your loved ones. We expect that the first call you should always make when you encounter a break-in is to the police, but the second call should always be to Toronto Door and Frame Repair. Should you require repair from the resulting damages, then rest assured, we have highly skilled technicians for the job. We know that break-ins are a stressful but also worrying situation and we want to help ease that stress by making sure your door is back to being safe and secure. Our main goal is to make sure that you feel safe in your own home, and we reach that goal by sending out the most dependable door repair and replacement technicians in Toronto who will not leave until you are 100% satisfied with the service and the quality door replacement. Call Toronto Door and Frame Repair to always keep your home secure from intruders.

Commercial Glass Door Break In Repair

door break-in repair


As business owners, we appreciate how hard you work to make sure every entrance to your business is protected and safe for your associates and clientele. Regrettably, no matter how cautious you think your business is, a breach in business is unpredictable. It is always best to be prepared than not and saving our phone number is the best way to do so.  We specialize in commercial door repairs and even emergency services such as a break-in, as our business works with a committed and dedicated workforce of emergency door repair and replacement technicians that will service your business with utmost respect. If you own a business such as a store or any other commercial property, we understand that you want to make sure to keep it always secure. Therefore, when you experience a break in, you will want to contact our team of door experts so that it is repaired right away, and you can have ease knowing your business is secure with all valuables and confidential documents overnight. Our door repair and replacement experts will not only repair the damages, but they will also make sure to leave your door looking brand new and stronger than ever. There is no challenging job big or small that our team of technicians cannot tackle, just let us know what you need done and we will take over the project of installing your commercial doors.

  • Door frame repair
  • Door replacement
  • Heavy duty steel doors and frames
  • Emergency door break in repair
  • And much more!


Often, damages can occur from a break-in and likely will need to rely on a door repair company that can help with any job that is big or small. We make sure to only leave your home when you feel safe and good about the repair on your door. Above, we have listed services that we usually provide for a broken door repair, but we also do so much more so do not hesitate to give us a call no matter the project, our dedicated workforce of highly skilled emergency door repair and replacement specialists has you covered. We have experienced and very knowledgeable door repair specialists working with us to bring to you the best door repair and replacement services in Toronto. We also pride ourselves in being reliable but also a local company, meaning we can be at your doorstep through just one phone call way. We want our clients to depend on us for repairs and help make you and your family feel safer at home.


Sometimes you may feel that your commercial or residential doors are strong and sturdy, however, they are at risk for unwarranted breaches, and we are here to support you quickly in the case of emergency. For that reason, you may feel the need to fully replace your door for a brand new one, with the possibility the damages that were done during the break in were too big for repair. No matter your reason, Toronto Door and Frame Repair is the place to call for all your door needs. Our skilled emergency door repair and replacement technicians in Toronto and GTA work, day and night repairing and replacing all types of doors to make sure that you and your loved ones always feel safe and secure. We replace all type of commercial and residential doors so do not worry if you have a wooden door, glass door, steel door, etc. because Toronto Door and Frame Repair can do It all.