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Professional Commercial Door Repair and Installation

Toronto & GTA


Toronto Door and Frame Repair provides commercial door repair and installation services to businesses that are undergoing renovations, being newly built, or being refurbished that may require older and damaged door replacements. When you first start your business and purchase a property for it, the first thought is usually ways to make your property safe and secure during all hours of the day. Of course, you will need to install new doors in entrances or replace any that are old and damaged because you cannot open a business without having reliable doors. The most important doors to think about are all the entrances that lead to the interior of your business. These are the places where you want an expert door repair and replacement technician to service an installation of brand-new durable doors to safeguard your business. In addition, you may require installation or fixing of the interior doors, we do provide privacy for offices, restrooms, changing rooms, staff rooms, etc. Toronto Door and Frame Repair can do that for you in no time. We know that you only want the best for your business, and we promise to leave you 100% satisfied with each commercial door installation service we provide for you.

Toronto & GTA


A commercial door on your property is used multiple times a day by multiple different people, and consequently, something is bound to happen to your doors, and you may need to get them repaired or replaced It is recommended to immediately restore the damage as it will be consequential for your business and security. As soon as possible so that you can get it quickly taken care of rather than waiting and becoming much worse. Doors often get overlooked, and frequently over time misalignment or dirt/debris might occur, as soon as you notice your commercial door is starting to break, or you see it is no longer functioning properly, you can rely on Toronto Door and Frame Repair. Undoubtedly, our emergency repair and replacement experts can diagnose and resolve any damages in a timely matter. Having a damaged door can put your business at security risk, and having said that, our team of highly skilled specialists can help recover any issues that may occur with your commercial doors.

toronto & gta


As business owners working in the field for many years, we can understand the need to ensure your property is secure and looking professional. We are a proud Canadian local company that provides excellent service, but also including you in the process of our guaranteed professional door installation. For this reason, your commercial doors are a big part of that, its simply not possible to run a functional commercial property without reliable effective doors. We also understand Canadian weather and that the temperatures can often fluctuate, that is why its essential to have functioning well insulated doors for your business, otherwise the draft can create more costly energy bills to keep your business cool in the summers and warm in the winters. Therefore, when it is brought to your attention that your door is having any problem, all you need to do is call Toronto Door and Frame Repair to have one of our emergency door repair and replacement technicians repair any damages. We can also be the ones to call when you need to install a new door in your business -In a commercial property there are usually much bigger and heavy-duty security doors installed, depending on what the space is being used for. You can be certain to rely on company with experts that can work with any door your property has. We guarantee you that our door repair experts at Toronto Door and Frame Repair, are extensively trained on repairing and installing any type of door you may need. Whether it is a large glass door, steel door, or automatic door- no job is too big for us. Call Toronto Door and Frame Repair and we will help you keep your business protected.


If are requiring urgent door services, allow us to alleviate you of this stress and just call Toronto Door and Frame Repair, we provide every day emergency door repair and replacement services so that your emergencies will be timely corrected. To be sure to prevent break ins or more deteriorating damage on your doors simply cannot wait for another day, this is not a problem for Toronto Door and Frame Repair because we have specialists who work around the clock making sure you always have someone to rely on. When you give us a call, we will dispatch our emergency door repair and replacement technician right to your location so that they can get to work on whatever door issue your business is having. If you are needing of an emergency door repair or installation on your commercial doors, look no further, because Toronto Door and Frame Repair is only one call away!