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Expert Door Repair and Replacement Service For You


At Toronto Door and Frame Repair you can rely on us to provide you with every type of door repair and installation service you could possibly need. Whether it is on your commercial door or your residential door, we have got the experienced door and frame repair experts quipped with all the material and tools required to do it all. If you need a new door installed, and electric strike system repaired, an emergency door repair, a door closer replaced, a continuous hinge installed, and so much more, please do not hesitate, and call Toronto Door and Frame Repair and we will be happy to further assist you with any of your door needs. We are your leading local door repair company in Toronto and want to be the ones you turn to when you are having any issues relating to your doors. Our mission is to deliver an unparalleled service so that you are left 100% satisfied with our work and will withstand any type of weather damage for years to come.


Without a frame you will not have a functional door, and therefore it is vital to keep your door frames in good condition so that your door is also always in its best functioning state. If your door frame needs a maintenance repair, or its a very old door that may require to be replaced otherwise your door will not be able to swing open and closed properly anymore and you may have problems simply trying to use the door.  There isn’t a job big or small our experienced door and frame repair and replacement technicians cannot find a solution for. Your doors should be functioning with ease and should always open and close as they were meant to, the moment you notice that you are having problems with your door frame, call Toronto Door and Frame Repair so that you can have the most qualified and experienced technicians to provide you with a repair or a new door frame installation and have your door working perfectly again.


When you experience a break in your home or at your business, we can understand how very difficult but also stressful it can be to deal with and there are many things you need to consider during these stressful situations. One thing that we can help with is the door repair and replacement portion of the process, usually during a break in, the first step is to contact authority and the second is to call us to further assist you repairing your door. Whether it was just damaged a little from someone trying to get in or your door was completely knocked down, you are going to need it urgently fixed so that you can feel safe knowing you have secure doors. We can understand how challenging these situations can be as your home is the one place you should feel safe and secure. For this reason, you need to give Toronto Door and Frame Repair a call, so that we fix your door or install a new sturdier one so you can go back to feeling safe and secure again. Let us take a small part of your stress away by fixing your doors and securing your property.

Commercial Access Control System Installation Service


Having an electric strike and an access control system installed is usually best for commercial properties for easier, more convenient, and much safer access into buildings and/or designated areas. It is so important to have these systems always working, if you are beginning to have problems, you will want it looked at and repaired by a professional. Toronto Door And Frame Repair has fully qualified and ensured professionals that specialize in electric strike and access control systems. If you require a repair on your electric strike system or you have decided to install a brand-new access control system in your workplace, then Toronto Door and Frame Repair is the place for you. We have well trained technicians who can install and repair both systems with zero problems, do not hesitate and give us a call.


There are also many small components that make up smooth functioning door such as hinges, door closers, door weather stripping, door thresholds, etc. Toronto Door And Frame Repair provides repair and replacement services on all these parts. When you have a much larger and heavier door, it is recommended to install a continuous hinge on it so that the wait is fully distributed on the whole hinge and the door and hinge lasts for years to come. Perhaps, a door that always has high traffic or if it is a fire door, you will need to install a door closer to make sure that no matter how many people open the door, it will always automatically close behind them, etc. Toronto Door And Frame Repair will be happy to help you with any of your door needs, no matter how big or small the job may be. All you need to do is give us a call and we will have our technician dispatched to repair or replace any part of your door that needs to be serviced.

Toronto Door and Frame Repair, offers service on both residential and commercial doors. So whether you have a home or own a business that is needing a door repair or a door installation, you know that you can give us a call and we will always be available to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your home is your safe space where you never want to feel stressed and as a business owner, we know how important your business and its confidential valuables are which can be a very costly liability to you. Doors are an integral part of the property as entry ways are for security, but you also need doors dividing each room for privacy. With that being said, you will want a door and frame repair technician to come out to you for repairs, or replacement, or even an installation of a brand-new door when you feel like the one you have now is in need of it. Do not wait until your door progresses to further damages and give us a call at Toronto Door and Frame Repair the moment you notice your doors need to be further examined.



Unfortunately, there comes a time where we all may face uncertainty, and doors are often overlooked, leaving what could have been a simple cost-effective maintenance repair has evolved to something more urgent and cannot wait any longer. Our company offers services 24 hours a day 7 days a week in cases of emergency. We can understand the devastation arriving to your home or business to a damaged door resulting from a break in or having a broken door frame that got your door stuck shut and it is off hours of the day. Do not hesitate to call us where our team of professional service representatives will ease you of this headache and have a technician dispatched right away. We have emergency door and frame repair specialists who work 24/7 and will arrive fully equipped with the tools and materials required for any job so that it is dealt with in a timely fashion because we value your time with us, and in these cases, time is of the essence. You can never predict when an emergency will happen, so it is a great idea to save our phone number in case you ever have a door emergency and need us to come quickly repair or install a new door. Do not stress and call Toronto Door and Frame Repair for all your door emergency needs.