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Toronto’s Premier Door & Frame Repair Service

Toronto is filled with so many wonderful neighborhood’s of condos, apartments, and houses but also so many different commercial properties such as shops and restaurants or office buildings. All these locations have doors on both the interior and exterior of the properties that should always be in well functioning condition, which cannot go without mentioning wherever there is a door, there is a door frame to go with it. Your door cannot function properly without a properly sealed and aligned door frame and so you need to make sure it is all in great condition at all times. The last thing you would want is the liability of somebody breaking into your home or business because your door or your door frame was unaligned and could have used a repair. Often doors are neglected the maintenance that is required to keep the door functioning smoothly and frequently only until put in a situation where the door is no longer function properly requires emergency door frame and door repair services. Toronto Door and Frame Repair is here to provide you any type of repairs or maintenance work with just one phone call way. We know how vital doors are and we want to ensure sure you can rely on us as the leading company to call in Toronto for any Door and Frame Repair.

Residential Door Repair & Replacement

We offer professional residential door repair and replacement services

Commercial Door Repair & Replacement

We offer industry leading commercial door repair and replacement services

Emergency Door Repair & Replacement

We are available all the time for your emergency door repairs and replacements

Residential Back Door and Frame with Screen Door Fresh Installation


Our company has been in business for several years and we can recognize that your home is important to you but also understand that you want to do everything possible to keep your home safe and secure for you and your loved ones. Toronto Door and Frame Repair provides door repair and replacement repair services on all types of projects in your home, exterior and interior but also including any frame repair whether maintenance or full-scale replacement to ensure the door will be properly sealed. We can understand the fluctuating Canadian weather and that its vital to have draft proof installation, as improper sealing can lead to costly energy bills. Our dedicated team of door and frame repair and replacement technicians are dedicated in providing you a respectable and timely service as we know how time is of the essence with any home improvement project. The entire service process is performed by our team of qualified door and frame repair experts and will be sure to include you in every step of the way. We know how important those exterior doors are, you still want to have good looking but functioning doors and we can assure you that our focus is quality repair or installation and will stand the test of weather for years to come. The moment you notice your door, or your door frame is starting to have wear down or malfunction, then do not hesitate to call Toronto Door and Frame Repair right away!


Your commercial property is just as significant as your own home and you can trust our workforce of fully licensed and insured door or frame repair experts to assist with servicing the most troublesome doors issues. For many businesses the integrity and security are ensured by the entry way of any property, you can rest assured that our team of fully equipped specialists will be at your doorstep with only one call away. In such circumstances our door and frame specialists are always equipped with the essential tools required for any emergency service, leaving your doors looking good as new. Our local Toronto and GTA area door and frame repair experts are happy to work with you and are at your disposal for any planned projects, maintenance, or upgrading throughout the life of the doors or entry access systems. Contact our company if you want commercial or private door and frame repair in Toronto or the Greater Toronto Area. Our services not only focus on residential but commercial customers as well, offering a wide range of door and frame repair services. Our experts will evaluate all relevant possibilities for repair or installation, including time, costs, and any other knowledgeable information you may require. Our team of experts focus on ensuring you the utmost professional quality and timely service.

Commercial Glass Aluminum Door and Frame Installation
Commercial Double Glass Door and Frame Installation


Doors and door frames can damage overtime and regardless of how high security an access system may be, unwarranted intruders can occur, and it is always in the best interest of business to handle the consequences of vandalism right away. Whether decorated with vandalism, rust, or perhaps someone has broken into your property and the entry way has consequently resulted in damage? these circumstances or any other emergency door and frame repair situations can occur at any moment. Do not hesitate as our emergency team of qualified and dependable door repair and replacement experts are working around the clock 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can quickly and efficiently solve the most frequent types of door problems. Our company goal is to provide a timely but professional service, and our knowledgeable door and frame repair specialists will be sure to include you in the process by providing a free estimate for the job but also explain everything before we begin so that you can quickly get back to your day worry-free! No job is too small or big for our team and are only one phone call away- We want to make sure you can rely on us to repair your doors and door frames all throughout the day and night. Whatever the type of situation, know you can depend on us and call your local reliable door and frame Repair Company here in Toronto, we will always answer and be right there to support your needs.

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Hear from our valued customers…

I own a small business and have a shop downtown which was unfortunately broken into one evening. I got the notification from my alarm system and just drove down right away and saw that my entire door was knocked down. I knew I had to get my whole front door replaced as soon as possible so I called Toronto Door and Frame Repair because I know they do emergency services and they told me they would have a technician on the way to me as quickly as they can. I only waited about an hour before a technician arrived and was able to replace my door right on the spot. They were so quick and did a fantastic job making sure my business stays secure for the future.

Kate Watkins

I have an access control system on a couple of rooms in my workplace and it started to have some problems one morning by not reading the codes correctly and not always opening for the authorized people that work in those areas. This was a problem we wanted to get resolved that day and when I called Toronto Door and Frame Repair, they said that was not a problem. One of their technicians got in contact with me quick to let me know a time frame and he was able to come and check out what the issue was and repair it that day. This is a company that cares about their customers, and I will always recommend them to anybody.

Joseph Martz

I recently purchased a commercial unit for my business and have been researching installing an electric strike on the front door. It would be very useful and safer for my employees to be able to enter with a card instead of a key and I love the idea of being able to let somebody in by pressing a button. A buddy of mine recommended Toronto Door and Frame Repair so I gave them a call and booked an appointment. They installed it perfectly and it has been working great ever since. If anyone is thinking about getting an electric strike system installed, all I can say is do it and have Toronto Door and Frame Repair install it for you.

Michael Turner

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